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Garage Door Repair Scottsdale

Garage doors accommodate our busy lives by opening and closing several times a day and keeping our garage secure. While they have an average lifespan of 20 years, the busy homeowner can easily forget about regular maintenance. If you have been lubricating the garage door parts, but are still experiencing problems, ask help from professional garage door repair in Scottsdale services.

Wear and tear is often the cause of a malfunctioning garage door. The garage door is composed of many sections and parts such as the springs, tracks, rollers, etc. For this reason, experts understand that maintenance and regular inspection can be a hassle for many homeowners. However, a damaged garage door needs fixing soon to prevent further damage and possible security threats to your home and family. If you notice the most common garage door issues, let us know immediately and our garage door repair Scottsdale AZ team will fix it as soon as possible.


Common Garage Door Damages

Broken or bent tracks prevent the garage door from opening and closing, which can potentially cause serious injury to you or your family. If the garage door is stuck mid-way, make sure to keep children and pets from passing through it as the door might suddenly roll down or close.  While the homeowner can repair bent tracks using a hammer to bend them back to their original shape, we recommend calling for help. Professionals can also do a quick inspection of the garage door’s other parts and recommend the best way to manage them.

Replacing a broken garage door spring can be costly, especially if you are looking to install commercial-grade springs. Wear and tear, rust, and improper or no maintenance are the top reasons why springs break. If your garage door looks like it is sagging or falling on one side, the garage door spring likely needs replacement. To replace the spring, the garage door has to be placed in manual mode. After replacing the spring, the professional repairman conducts a test to see if the spring is in good working order.

Another most common garage door issue is a malfunctioning garage door opener. Imagine getting ready to drive to work but your garage door suddenly refuses to open. On the other hand, a worse situation would be if the garage door does not fully close, exposing your garage and home items to the neighbors. When this happens, you can diagnose the problem by inspecting the sensors. Sensors can get accidentally misaligned due to normal vibrations. They can also get obstructed by bugs or dirt. To clean your sensor, make sure you consult the garage door opener manual beforehand for instructions and follow the proper procedures. Beyond misalignment caused by accidental bumping or interference, there might be problems with the wiring. We do not recommend tampering with the wiring as it can cause further damage and potentially cause injuries. Contact the best garage door repair in Scottsdale who will take extra precautionary measures to ensure everyone’s safety and the property’s security.


Garage Door Repair Scottsdale


Our emergency repair team will arrive at your property within the next few hours to ensure your garage door gets fixed as soon as possible.

Garage Door Repair Scottsdale


Get your new garage door and replacement parts from our stores, where we offer the lowest prices for premium-quality products.

Garage Door Repair Scottsdale


We focus on our customers’ needs and always consider their requirements in terms of the garage door features and designs.

Garage Door Repair Scottsdale


All of our installation, repair, and maintenance work is insured and we operate under a legitimate license from the state.

Garage Door Repair Scottsdale


Our custom designers will work around your requirements and provide you the right features and style according to your home or business’ needs.

Garage Door Repair Scottsdale


Work with our top specialists and experienced technicians who have been consistently providing top-quality garage door services for over 15 years. 


Our contractors hold a record of over 12 years of experience and many satisfied customers.

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" These guys are the best in the city! The custom-designed garage door is just as I imagined and the enhanced security feature is perfect for my store’s warehouse, as well. Excellent job!"

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Daniel R.

" Excellent work with the maintenance of my garage door. I’m glad they found out some issues that could have gotten worse and damaged the whole garage door. Such a great team! Plus, they are on time and provided outstanding service."

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"I decided to replace my garage door but had put it off for almost a year. I heard about Garage Door Repair Scottsdale from my clients. Indeed they are an excellent company and their technicians are punctual and courteous. Highly recommended! "

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Professional Garage Door Repair Services

As soon as you notice any sign of damage, call your trusted service provider for garage door repair in Scottsdale right away. Hire our professional garage door repair specialist to repair your damaged garage door parts for you.

Before proceeding to any repair, our specialists always conduct an inspection to properly diagnose the issue. In case there is a need for further repairs or replacement, our specialist will fully disclose the situation to you. As a full-service company, we also offer premium-grade garage door parts and installation.

Keep your property secure and your family safe all the time with our quick Garage Door Repair Scottsdale AZ services.

Work with the right garage door repair service.
A licensed company with highly skilled and experienced technicians is your best option. Get in touch with our garage door repair experts today!

Considering Sectional Garage Doors?
Sectional garage doors are made up of panels, which can be customized to fit entryways of almost any size and shape. Call us and let us know how we can help you.


A new home needs to have a new garage door especially if you have your car. Installing a new garage would depend on your preference of style and this comes to how much is a new garage door in (city name)? For a new installation of a garage door can cost $1,116 and would typically range from $737 to $1,494. The price can still change depending on the type of material, labor, tracks, and doors. To get free estimates of how much does a new garage door cost in Scottsdale? contact the professionals.

Repairing the garage door can be much cheaper compared to installing a new one. If the garage door spring has a problem, you would need to have this check by a professional. Before doing so, you would like to find out, how much does it cost to replace a garage door spring in Scottsdale? On average, it can cost $180 but this can increase if it needs to disassemble the brackets to be able to repair the spring, this can cost from $100 to $350.

Planning to have a double door car installation will require big space and other factors to consider. However, how much does it cost to install a 2 car garage door in Scottsdale? The average cost of a double door car garage can cost from $800 to $1,500. Labor can cost $300 per unit.

If repairing the garage door can’t be done, there would be no other option than to replace the entire garage door. But, you would like to know first how much does it cost to replace a garage door in Scottsdale? Replacing the garage door can range from $600 to $4,100 and the total cost can affect the size of the door, materials, and labor.

Fixing a broken garage may depend on what part of the door that needs fixing, you will call a professional and ask for how much does it cost to fix a garage door in Scottsdale? In general, it can cost $85 to $600 for the garage door repair. For a garage door replacement, it can be more than and may cost $820 to $2400.